Undergraduate Teaching and Advising

Lecturer                                                                                                                                                              Fall 2018-Present, DC

Catholic University of America, Musical Theatre Department (B.M. program)
          * Hired to create and teach a new curriculum for a 
freshman course entitled "Acting the Text." Developed course work emphasizing                text analysis, character development, monologue technique, and acting technique using a variety of methods including                                Stanislavski, Utah Hagen, Cicely Berry, and Bogart's Viewpoints. Students work on Shakespeare and contemporary monologues,                  culminating in a department showcase.

           * Teaching "Acting the Text" every fall semester.

           * Taught an upperclassmen course Spring semester of 2020 ("Musical Theatre Topics") with an emphasis on monologues and                           auditioning. Course work includes audition technique, working autonomously on audition monologues, character development,                   monologue technique, acting technique, business of theatre, developing a personal acting method, and further expanding upon                 the student's previous training.

           * Was scheduled to teach a new course for upperclassmen on audition monologues, spring 2021, which was cancelled due to Covid.               The course would have explored the business of theatre, monologue work, acting technique, and audition preparation.
           * Was approved to offer a summer acting course focused on character development and period styles.
           * Assisted the head of the program in a search for adjunct singing teachers, and assisted in conducting interviews. Two out of three                 of my recommendations were hired.
           * Associate Director for Nine to Five the musical, fall of 2019.

           * Director for the "Broadway Comes to Mitchell Park" event, a showcase of highlights from Nine to Five, staged at a local venue.
           * Approved to direct and lead student workshops to independently develop an immersive production of Shakespeare's Timon of                  Athens spring semester, which will culminate in performances. Additionally, have received an opportunity from Hood College in                  Maryland to provide a performance on their campus in the spring.

           * Other duties include performance coaching and judging juries, showcases, and junior/senior recital hearings.

Academic Advisor

        * Academic advisor to undergraduate Bachelor of Music students in the Musical Theatre program.

            * Assist advisees with scheduling courses, providing information on university offices and resources, and approving schedules for                    registration.

            * Assist advisees in researching and attaining internships.


Director of Performing Arts                                                                                                                   Fall 2020-Present, MD

Friends Meeting School, K-12

           * Teach music and drama classes for all grade levels, K-12.

           * Direct, produce, and organize various events including plays, musicals, concerts, and the variety show, among other performances               as needed throughout the year for all grade levels.

           * Create original curricula for all classes, providing students with appropriate approaches to music and performance based on their                 grade level and experience.

           * Run student organizations as needed which might include drama club, improv club, choir, instrumental groups, as well as                               providing private lessons for music and acting students.

           * Work with the business manager and head of school to procure materials and educational resources; manage instrument                              donations; consult on grant writing, off-campus venue bookings, and performance scheduling.

           * Attend professional development workshops throughout the year usually emphasizing drama and/or music instruction.

           * Other duties include lunch and recess monitoring, assisting field trips and other large events, conducting meetings with students                 and parents, and maintaining the stage and classroom areas.

Teacher                                                                                                          Summer, 2021, DC

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, American University 

         * Created and taught "Performing Shakespeare: Analysis to Acting," as part of American University's summer course offerings for                   the OLLI program.     

         * Instruction included Shakespearean text analysis, Elizabethan theatre, and basic acting techniques, culminating in student                             readings of sonnets.                                                 

Teacher                                                                                                                               Fall 2017-Summer 2018, VA

Educational Theatre Company

           * Employed as a teacher for the “Shakespeare in the Schools” program, working with middle schools and high schools throughout                 the tri-state area.

           * Led and assisted Shakespeare workshops with an emphasis on acting techniques and text analysis through the use of acting                         exercises and improvisation.

           * Worked as Assistant Director for an improvisation camp for grades 3-8. Led and assisted a variety of improvisational games                           designed to encourage ensemble-building, character development, effective interaction on stage, and basic acting techniques.                   Assisted in coordinating a final presentation for student’s families.

            * Worked as Assistant Director for a K-2nd grade camp entitled “Animal Tails.” Led and assisted in a variety of activities including                   mask making, story telling, actor warm-ups, and theatre games. Assisted in the direction and coordination of a final performance                 for the student’s families.

Teacher                                                                                                                                                               Fall 2016-Spring 2017, MD

Wiley H. Bates Middle School, grades 6-8

Brooklyn Park Middle School, grades 6-8

            * Taught an improvisation course for the Performing and Visual Arts after school program at both schools.

            * Taught two Shakespeare courses for the Performing and Visual Arts after school program at both schools.

            * Co-taught one stage combat club at both schools.
            * Co-taught one Shakespeare club at both schools, directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

            * Developed an original curriculum for the improvisation course which developed skills in communication, ensemble building,                          character development, freedom of expression, observation, and performance confidence.

            * Developed an original curriculum for the Shakespeare courses, which focused on performance confidence, text familiarity,                            ensemble building, communication, listening, observation, character development, artistic confidence, freedom of expression,                    script appreciation, and scene work.

Teacher                                                                                                                               Fall 2015-Spring 2016, MD

Wiley H. Bates Middle School, grades 6-8

Brooklyn Park Middle School, grades 6-8

            * Taught four courses in theatre marketing for the Performing and Visual Arts after school program at both schools.

            * Developed an original curriculum for the course, in which students created fictional theatre companies that they then managed                    and developed, using a budget and producing/marketing techniques.


Curriculum Advisor                                                                                                        Summer 2007 and 2008, MA

EXPLO: Summer boarding school, grades 4-7

          * Mentored and advised twelve teachers and twenty courses in all subjects.
          * Assisted in facilitating and leading teacher meetings and professional development sessions.

          * Conducted classroom observations to evaluate progress and effectiveness.
          * Conducted individual teacher meetings to evaluate performance and guide development.
          * Interviewed and recommended for hire an improvisation and musical theatre teacher.
          * Organized and managed Off-Broadway night, a showcase of eight performance courses.
          * Asked to return in 2009 to the same position in an exit interview.


Pre-Curriculum Advisor                                                                                                 Summer 2007 and 2008, MA

EXPLO: Summer boarding school, grades 4-7

          * Assisted four teachers in developing their course curriculum prior to the beginning of the summer session.


Teacher/RA                                                                                                                       Summer 2005 and 2006, MA

EXPLO: Summer boarding school, grades 4-7

         * Taught courses in improvisation, musical theatre, fencing, and led stage combat workshops.

         * Lived in a hall as a residential advisor to ten 7th grade boys.
         * Developed original curriculum for each of the above courses.
         * Originated the stage combat workshops.

Teacher                                                                                                                                Summer 2008, MD

Bay Theatre Company
        * Taught a six week Introduction to Acting course.
        * Developed an original curriculum emphasizing character development.


Artistic Leadership

Producer, director                                                                                            2019-Present, MD/DC

Timon of Athens
        * Developing a script for a 60min., immersive production of Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens for 5 actors of any gender.

        * Conducting ongoing workshops to develop the production with both professional and student actors.
        * Responsibilities include directing, scheduling, casting, hiring, budgeting, and procuring all needed materials.
        * Upon completion, will submit the production to fringe festivals in the area and eventually seek funding for an independent run, or                work to partner with a theatre in order to produce it as part of their season.

Producer.                                                                                                          Spring, 2020

Dramatic Distancing, a Zoom short play festival

         * Produced an online short play festival which required writers to create an original, ten page script specifically intended to be used              on Zoom, based on certain parameters. Actors and directors were then assigned to each group, and each group had a live, online                performance of their finished product.

         * 14 groups performed over three days, with a total of roughly 40 people being involved.

         * Responsibilities included recruiting playwrights, actors, and directors; scheduling, organizing, and assigning groups; reviewing                     submissions; organizing headshots and resumes, and establishing and maintaining deadlines.


Founding Member and Artistic Director                                                                      2013-2015, NYC

IconoClassic Productions

        * Managed all aspects of the company which included finding and booking performance and rehearsal space, renting equipment,                  props, and instruments, maintaining the budget, fundraising, hiring and auditioning, scheduling, marketing, working with 

           performers and designers, and on-site duties as needed.

        * Produced the opera, Werther.

        * Produced the opera, Carmen.


Founding Member and Associate Artistic Director                                                    2012-2013, NYC

Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective

* Conceived a new theatre company’s mission and first season. Assisted the Artistic Director as needed which included fundraising, marketing, program design, assembling press kits, overseeing load-ins and load-outs, facilitating auditions and interviews, and working with designers, actors, and directors as needed.


Producer                                                                                                                                2014, NYC

Living the Dream

* Co-wrote and produced eight episodes of an original webseries.
* Managed all aspects of production including financing and booking shoot locations, scheduling, managing the budget, facilitating auditions and interviews, equipment and prop rental, transportation, advising directors and editors, and other on-site duties as needed.


Nine to Five                                                           Associate Director                                            Catholic U. of America (D.C.)
Nine to Five, Mitchell Park Showcase                 Director                                                             Catholic U. of America (D.C.)

Timon of Athens (student workshop)                  Director                                                             Catholic U. of America (D.C.)

Timon of Athens (professional production)        Producer/Director                                            TBD, ongoing

Chai (reading)                                                        Director                                                             Transformation Theatre (D.C.)

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (radio play)      Director                                                            Nat'l Edgar Allan Poe Theatre (MD)

The Adding Machine (Zoom production)           Director                                                             Pandemic Players (MD)

Importance of Being Earnest (Zoom prod.)        Director                                                             Covid Theatrical Response Team (CO)

Sylvia (reading)                                                      Director                                                             IconoClassic Productions (NYC)

A Night of Opera (opera recital)                          Director                                                             Rutgers Presbyterian Church (NYC)

Prisoner                                                                  Director                                                             Amnesty Int’l Fundraiser (IN)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                              Director                                                             Brooklyn Park Middle School (MD)

The Pillowman (postponed due to Covid).        Director                                                              Independent producer

FMS Variety Show                                                 Producer/Director                                            Friends Meeting School (MD)

Covid: Decent Into Madness (Zoom showcase) Producer/Director                                            Friends Meeting School (MD)
A Touch of the Poet (advanced class)                 Director                                                             University of Evansville (IN)

Lend Me A Tenor (class)                                       Director                                                             University of Evansville (IN)
Sexual Perversity in Chicago (class)                    Director                                                             University of Evansville (IN)

The Glass Menagerie (class)                                Director                                                             University of Evansville (IN)

Catholic University of America (2006-2009)                                                                  Washington, D.C.

          MFA, Acting.


          Performance studies included: Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Meisner, Viewpoints, Alexander, La Coque and Neutral Mask, Kristin                           Linklater, Cicely Berry, Shakespeare and Classical Performance, TYA, devised theatre, solo performance, business of acting and                     auditioning, and dialects.

University of Evansville (2002-2006)                                                                                Evansville, IN

          BFA, Acting; National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Dean’s List, Cum Laude.


          Performance studies included: Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Directing I and II, Voice and Dialects, Kristin Linklater,                             movement, performing Shakespeare and Chekhov, business of acting and auditioning.


Harlaxton College (2004)                                                                                                  Grantham, U.K.

Writ of Achievement, one semester, Outstanding Achievement Award for artistic contributions.


Training and Workshops
Teaching Shakespeare Workshop (2017)                                                                      Annapolis, MD

          One day workshop for theatre educators led by a professor from West Chester University on approaches to teaching acting                           techniques for Shakespeare.


Chekhov Workshop (2012, 2013)                                                                                      NYC

          Summer workshop on acting Chekhov, with NYU faculty and a Moscow Art Theatre School graduate.

Lee Gallup, Ph.D (2002)                                                                                                     Denver, CO

Private acting coach, focusing on monologues and songs.

American Singer’s Seminar (2001)                                                                                  Breckenridge, CO
Musical theatre summer program taught by Broadway performers and casting directors, emphasizing techniques for

performing songs, culminating in a final performance of duets and solos.

American Academy of Dramatic Art (1999)                                                                  NYC
Summer program, which included classes in Uta Hagen technique, singing, dance, and long and short-form improvisation.

Perry Mansfield (1997)                                                                                                       Steamboat Springs, CO

Theatre summer camp which included classes in acting, dance, singing, and improvisation, culminating in a final

performance of a devised show.