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Catholic University of America, Musical Theatre Department (B.M. program)     Fall 2018-Present, DC

          * Hired to create and teach a new curriculum for a freshman course entitled "Acting the Text." Developed course work                                  emphasizing text analysis, character development, monologue technique, and acting technique using a variety of methods                        including Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Cicely Berry, and Bogart's Viewpoints. Students work on Shakespeare and contemporary                        monologues, culminating in a department showcase.

           * Teaching "Acting the Text" every fall semester.

           * Taught an upperclassmen course Spring semester of 2020 ("Musical Theatre Topics") with an emphasis on monologues and                        auditioning. Course work includes audition technique, working autonomously on audition monologues, character                                        development, monologue technique, acting technique, business of theatre, developing a personal acting method, and further                  expanding upon the student's previous training.
           * Assisted the head of the program in a search for adjunct singing teachers, and assisted in conducting interviews. Two out of                       three of my recommendations were hired.
           * Associate Director for Nine to Five the musical, fall of 2019.

           * Director for the "Broadway Comes to Mitchell Park" event, a showcase of highlights from Nine to Five, staged at a local venue.
           * Approved to direct and lead student workshops to independently develop an immersive production of Shakespeare's Timon of                 Athens spring semester, 2020. Additionally, received an invitation from Hood College in Maryland to provide a performance on                 their campus. The project was forced to be cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

           * Other duties include performance coaching and judging juries, showcases, and junior/senior recital hearings.


        * Academic advisor to undergraduate Bachelor of Music students in the Musical Theatre program.

            * Assist advisees with scheduling courses, providing information on university offices and resources, and approving schedules for                  registration.

            * Assist advisees in researching and attaining internships.

Hood College Dept. of English & Communication Arts, Theatre Program       Fall 2018-Present, DC

Theatre Program Director

            * Hired to manage Hood College's theatre program and oversee all operations for the academic year.

            * Responsibilities included producing a spring play, directing a fall play, producing and directing student events such as a ten                      minute play festival and improv night, providing support to a student drama club, managing the budget, hiring outside theatre                artists, conducting auditions, overseeing work study students, and overseeing scheduling, logistics, and maintenance of the                      theatre and its offerings.

            * Directed and produced an original, immersive production, of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens in the fall.

Course Instruction

            * Shakespeare Literature: Discussion-based instruction of selected sonnets, comedies, histories, and tragedies, with a focus                          on historical context, dramatic analysis, performance techniques, and theatrical practices. Students explored the material                          through discussion, papers, performances, and presentations, culminating in final projects conceived by the students.

            * Acting II: Course work included contemporary and classical material, monologues, scene work, text analysis, and utilized a                          wide variety of acting methods, some of which included Stanislavsky, Uta Hagen, Bogart's Viewpoints, Meisner, and Cicely                          Berry.


Friends Meeting School, K-12                                                                                                       Fall 2020-Present, MD


Director of Performing Arts                                                                                                                 

           * Teach six theatre and music classes to grades 1-12. Instruction includes acting, Shakespeare, voice, movement, improvisation,                    playwriting, design, music composition, music lessons, and theatre and music history.

           * Direct and produce productions including musicals, plays, talent shows, concerts, and a variety of events throughout the year.

           * Develop original curricula for all classes, providing students with appropriate approaches to music and performance based on                   their grade level and experience.

           * Other duties include researching and applying for grants (for productions), leading clubs (such as drama club), lunch and recess                 monitoring, leading and assisting field trips and other large events, conducting meetings with students and parents, and                           maintaining the stage and classroom.

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